Rinjani Trekking 5 Days 4 Nights Via Sembalun Senaru

Rinjani Trekking 5 Days 4 Nights Via Sembalun Senaru

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Rinjani Trekking 5 Days 4 Nights Via Sembalun Senaru | We recommend our tour package over 5 days and 4 nights for everyone who is looking for a very relaxed trekking experience on Mt. Rinjani.

It is suitable for everyone, especially for beginners and children, and contains all impressions of beautiful Mt. Rinjani like climbing the summit, hiking to the crater lake Segara Anak, bathing in hot springs as well as watching the sunset from Senaru crater rim. You will have more leisure time after every part of the tour.

We can arrange a trekking tour with starting point in Senaru or Sembalun and variable campsites up to your wishes.| What Are The Options For A Rinjani Trekking Tour? Sembalun Or Senaru: Where To Start? There are two main points of entry to Rinjani National Park.

You can ascend from the village of Sembalun or from Senaru. On three- and four-day hikes, you depart from one village and descend to the other. We highly recommend starting in Sembalun because of the way the trails are configured. The first day of ascent from Sembalun is steep and sandy.

It looks like it would be absolutely brutal going in the opposite direction. Likewise, the descent to the crater lake is so steep and rugged, that it would be a real leg-breaker going the other way.

If you want a more off-the-beaten track experience, book a private tour and ask about one of the less-used routes, like the trails from Aik Berik or Torean. We wish we had known about them before our trek!

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