Rinjani Trekking 4 Days 3 Nights Via Sembalun

Rinjani Trekking 4 Days 3 Nights Via Sembalun

Rinjani Trekking 4 Days 3 Nights Via Sembalun  Start in Sembalun village  Sembalun crater rim  Summit  Crater lake & hot springs  Senaru crater rim  End in Senaru village. We recommend you this tour package if you have more time and want to experience all impressions of beautiful Mt. Rinjani like climbing the summit, hiking to the crater lake Segara Anak and bathing in hot springs with a more relaxed trekking schedule. You will have additional leisure time at the crater lake and the hot springs. This tour is suitable for average and experienced hikers as well as for beginners and children with a very good fitness. The ascent from the crater lake to Senaru crater rim is steep and challenging.

Tour itinerary

On the first day after an early breakfast at your accommodation we will bring you to the registration at National Geopark office in Sembalun. The journey starts at open grassland of the Sembalun valley and continues for a short time through rain forest where you can see some macaques curious about the strangers passing their homeland. A few short breaks and a lunch break strengthen you for the trek through the savannah and the steep part up the Mt. Rinjani crater with wide views over the Sembalun valley. Depending on your fitness you will reach the Sembalun crater rim where your porters already built up your campsite after around 7 hours. Enjoy your well-deserved and freshly cooked dinner there while watching sunset over Mt. Rinjani. Prepare and strengthen yourself for the upcoming and very challenging hike to the summit after a short night.

You will get up at 2.30am having a small pre-breakfast. All of you equipped with flashlights your guide will lead you during the 3-hours-climb to the summit. Three steps up and two steps down again, annoyed and sleepy you will wish to be back in bed again. But that is out of question, stay patient and strong. You will make it! Your guide will be there to motivate and help you wherever he can. Once you have reached the top of Mt. Rinjani take your time to feel the inner satisfaction and pride while watching the sunrise over Mt. Rinjani‘s countryside. Hug your guide and everyone who is crossing your way. Take as many pictures as you can. In short, just enjoy it!

The way back to the campsite where you will have breakfast takes around 1,5 hours. Another 2,5 hours hike down into the crater leads you to lake Segara Anak with a view on the new volcano Mt. Baru Jari. Once you arrived you can spend the rest of the day relaxing at the lakeside with a view on the new volcano Mt. Baru Jari and bathing in the hot springs. Your porters will build up the second campsite directly at the lake and serve you with lunch, snacks and dinner.

Your journey continues the next day after lunch time with 3 hours trekking up to Senaru crater rim where you will find the third campsite. Enjoy your dinner there while watching the beautiful sunset. After spending the night there you will get up early to catch the sunrise with a view to Mt. Rinjani summit before having breakfast and going down to Senaru village. The descent starts at open savannah and turns into green rain forest where you can see animals like black ebony leaf monkeys and various bird species as well as a variety of tropical plants like rattan trees, orchids and pandanus trees. This last part of your 3-day-tour to Mt. Rinjani will take around 6 hours and includes short breaks as well as a longer break where your porters will serve you lunch again. Once you arrive in Senaru village we are ready to bring you to your accommodation or to your next destination on Lombok.

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