Is Mount Rinjani Open?

Is Mount Rinjani Open?

Is Mt. Rinjani open? – Latest update on July 2019

As many of you know the Lombok earthquakes in July and August 2018 affected especially the beautiful north of our Island. Due to landslides that destroyed the hiking trails around Mt. Rinjani the national park was officially closed until 2019.
Since June 14th all four trails to Mt. Rinjani’s crater rim from Senaru in the north, Sembalun Lawang in the east, Aik Berik and Timbanuh in the south were officially reopened. Unfortunately, the hiking trails to the crater lake Segara Anak are still closed and need further maintenance.

With the opening of Mt. Rinjani national park this year a new online booking system was implemented as the number of people climbing the mountain every day is now limited to 150 per route. We are as your trekking organizer are licensed to book the entrance tickets for you.

The only Mt. Rinjani trip packages in 2020 is Mount rinjani Senaru Crater rim 2 Days 1 Night, Mount rinjani Sembalun Crater rim and summit 2 Days or 3 Days (optional), Aik Berik and Timbanuh Crater rim.

Rinjani Mission offers you to book 2D/1N trekking tours to the crater rim of Mt. Rinjani from the villages of Senaru where you have the most amazing view into the Rinjani crater and also 3N/1N Sembalun rim and rinjani summit. Of course, you will be able to change your booking easily in case the trails to the or crater lake are open again.
Please contact us for further information, we will be happy to answer all your questions! Our guides and porters are looking forward to serve you on your trip as usual with their full commitment.

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